Cabin Fever

It’s been a couple of years since I got my hoya cuttings and brought home the Krimson Queen Carnosa hoya…. oh my how they’ve grown!! After moving across the country they slowed down slightly but now they are really happy and shooting out leaves. It makes me happy.

Krimson Queen Carnosa
Krimson Queen Dec 2013
July 2014… Growing.. Slowly
December 2015~ 2 years old now!

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Snowed In

It started Friday… and didn’t stop until Sunday…. more is predicted to come; the city is covered in snow.  The school district has closed the schools to students and staff, hopefully reopening Wednesday.  It’s beautiful. 064065 Chilliwack got 77 cm of snow and it has begun again.
It’s so much fun to get out and see everyone who got stuck or snowed in and seeing everyone come together to help one another. 048 Our sidewalk was clear until last night when the plows actually widened the cleared road.  Now it’s up to the city to clear that heavy mess and they are.  Crews are slowly making their way around.  My little car does surprisingly well with worn tires it has and isn’t getting stuck.  The mountains are just stunning with the low lying clouds and snow covered peaks.074080084

It’s been a record winter for the area I’ve been told, to me, this is normal and I just wish I had brought my winter boots right away.  I keep reading that another storm is going to hit with more snow. It’s going to be interesting.   I won’t lie though, I am ready for spring to come and to get back outside in the woods!
I hope you’re all staying warm
~Blessed Be

So long 2016

   This year has be completely crazy. I have to sit down and just write about this year alone and that time will come soon.  

  I am in shock at how much has changed.  My dad passed away. I became an Auntie. I reconnected with my daughter after 7 years of no contact. I travelled across the country and perminately moved to British Columbia, with my three cats. I lost friends.  I disappointed people.  I empowered a few. I broke a heart.

 2017. A new year. A fresh start. This year is going to be crazy in so many new ways. Lots of firsts to come. What I know for certain it that it’s going to be a year of deep growth and self discovery.  I am very excited.  

 So here’s to a new year, new adventures and new growth.  

  Blessed be, Love & Light 

Winter has Arrived in Chilliwack

Last night. So much snow for this area I’m told.
After everyone woke up and decided to brace the snow; we cleared the driveway. Always a beautiful view!
 It’s a winter wonderland here!! More snow is in the forecast for the night and week but looks like back to rain the week after.   I don’t mind this snow at all, and watching the locals freak out online is entertaining.  The kids are having a blast and thankfully friends have my child covered for winter gear at the moment.  Such a blessing!! 

I can’t wait to get out at night and see all the houses with hundreds of lights put up, covered in snow.   The cats aren’t too impressed, I let Marvin look outside and he looked but would not venture past the door; Gwen and Boog would do the same given the chance.   

I hope everyone is staying warm and safe!!

Blessed be ❤️

It’s Starting to Look Like Christmas


It’s December.  Wow. I can’t believe it’s here. Looking back at where I was January to where I am now… If anyone told me then about what would happen this summer I would not have believed you in a million years.  Especially the part about moving across the country.
It’s really been a crazy year for me.  I keep seeing posts online about how insane 2016 has been and how over it everyone is. I think it actually happens every year but since it deeply speaks to my life I’m just noticing it more.
It snowed here! An inch or so for about a day and night.  The mountains change every day and I’m always astonished by their beauty.  The crevices that are normally dark are now a striking white contrast to the snowy trees.  And when you think it just couldn’t get any more stunning… the sun sets between the snowy peaks and the sky darkens.  The light still reflecting off the snow and the dark sky make an amazing contrast and also the stars and moon shining down.

Every morning I wake up and look outside to see the mountains and I don’t think I will ever not be in awe by them.  This land is so enchanted and magickal.  If it wasn’t for the glacier cold winds of winter (hahaha it’s only -6C) I would be up Teapot Hill every other day.  Who needs a gym when you have mountains to climb and such a view for jogging.
Life certainly is crazy, but it’s good and positive.  I am happy.

~Love & Light