Excitement about a pattern

Anyone recall the Little Rascals? I gotta pickle I gotta pickle hey hey hey! Well it’s not a pickle but a pattern and I’ve been singing that in my head on my drive home. After an 11hrs 15 mins shift today, I’m not sure why I am still up. I was planning on going in for a few extra hours tomorrow but have decided, nope.
A little running around to do in the morning, help organize this place and get my sisters stuff together in totes, clean and prep the 80 gal glass for pricing wood for a stand.
The car needs windshield wipers… The foreign gas attendant guy tonight must have thought I was stealing the squeegee.. Came running out after I quickly slide across the seat out the passenger, clean the windshield fast, toss the squeegee back and back in the passenger across the seat.
I drive and ’88
She has character.
And sometimes I could appear to be some young thing in a car older than I (sadly it isn’t) not using the drivers door. Doesn’t help I think it’s funny and end up giggling to myself about the odd look if someone sees me.
Anyways, the pattern.
It’s a .. Cowl? Shawl? Scarf?
I would call it a scarf, but I recently learn what a cowl was by stumbling young the Burton Bear Cowl and quickly made it up for my nephew’s birthday.
It’s called ‘Triangle Cowl’ by Eleven Handmade.
I’m sure I’ve mentioned in a previous post my lovely best friend came across this in search of jazzing up her look again and I just LOVE this.
I am not one into fashion.
I wore boys clothes in high school even. Didn’t own a skirt until I got talked into a semi-formal dance at school and it was jazz themed. It was fun. Only dance I went to aside from prom. Ick.
Now I could care less about my clothes but it’s gotta be simple. Which seems to be hard to find.
I’m looking forward to some yarn shopping in the morning and I must get some for a cast mitten and reg mitten. I hope I can knit those up quickly.
Still managing to knit up some puffs while at work even.

And there’s the sand man. G’night blog world.


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