Well, I think I may be able to manage 2 shawls out of that one skein and I would be very pleased with that. I need to get motivated to do these mittens. Both projects required me to get tools, a 7mm crochet hook and 4mm DPNs. I will be very happy when I no longer need to purchase tools, organizing them is a whole other story.
I went with the square rosewood DPNs again. I rather enjoy them over traditional round needles, and the rosewood is just beautiful.

Anyways, I have other news not involving yarn!

New Growth

This is my passion flower vine that I decided not to prune back as I should have in hopes that the old growth would be useful and look nicer in the long run. Well, after most of the leaves fell off, and the calcium showing at the top of the self-water pot, I had thought maybe, just maybe, I had killed it. But signs of life have begun!

Passion Flower Vine

Well folks, I haven’t been overly productive today and will leave you with the sunset of the night:



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