At Least One Winter Adventure Before Spring

I’m really starting to look forward to spring, there’s new growth on the passion flower vine that I will have to update on the weekend.
I did however get to go on my first sled ride since I was 14?, over 10 years ago! The hubs and his brother took me out and I has to admit, I even found beauty in going so incredibly fast and darting in between fields and forests. Even goin a small pond where they both started doing circles and that was really beautiful. I’m sure they didn’t see it the way I did but they know each other so well (brother is 7 yrs older) and have such a system worked out growing up riding machines regularly. Hubs would squeeze/tap his elbows on mine to signal which was to lean or hold in tighter.
I circle back to the pond, two sleds basically in sync spinning on the ice throwing the snow into the air revealing the smooth ice beneath. I tried to touch the ice at one point but I am short and was a couple inches out of my reach. They would shoot forward quickly as it to run into the other but never would.
It really was an experience. A night ride under the moon, stopping at nice spots for them to have a smoke, figure on where else to go. Only gone a couple hours and I can’t remember the last time I’ve had just pure fun like that. Time flew by just as we were flying through the winter wonderland. Going where signs say not to, seeking through trees and fences.
It reminds me of a Christmas movie,
not many of my friends remember. don’t recall any speaking. Ok, so I didn’t remember the really dated, Ken-doll introduction. It is musical and artistic and being out on the sleds the other night makes me think of how it would have felt for the boy to explore with the snowman.


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