An Oldie

An Oldie

I started going through the photos on my desktop and stumbled upon this one.. taken almost a year ago (March 24th 2012) the past weekend reflected the same idea here although I did not take a photo of the goodie bag those two came home with. I will mention I didn’t have to go and got a brand new Okuma reel since my Abu Garcia lost a pin within the first few uses (and I was NOT the one using it at the time… this is a bit of a pet peeve of mine and attributes to a huge possessive character I have… please don’t touch those pencil crayons.. NOT my sorted … expensive lining pens.. nnnoooo oooh please don’t TOUCH/USE.. DESTROY) hahaha I wish I was joking but that’s the voice in my head when people go around my desk/garden/car/etc
And the train was derailed!
Back to topic, this photo right here, amazes me that a cat hasn’t been seen with one lightly clinging to them (or impaled) Soon I will have to take a photo of the contents of the tackle boxes.. (they are insured while inside the truck, not sure about boating hahahaha) I’ve been around for one of them to see the lake, and was the one to be pushing it back into the canoe and the canoe rightside so it would at least contain the gear while the slow dragging swim to shore. Talk about having your heart in your throat. Hubs and I were only thinking of the gear while his buddy lost a shoe.. said “leave the paddle, I’ll drown!” and swam to shore like a wet rat terrier who’s miserable.
I found it all rather funny after getting home and dry again, after all it was a hot sunny July day, I am the experienced canoe-er, aside from two other friends who have portaged with family young, and was stuck in the middle with someone who’d maybe been in a canoe twice, took 2 (or more!) hours to get ready to leave.. even to put worms on hooks far away from girls, and HE was on the back.. Hubs in the front who “if you push me in, your going in and not coming out” hates water. There’s slimy weeds, fish, bugs, things that have punchers.. I totally understand where Hubs comes from as I am the same but don’t let it out as much.
I am missing the fishing season, and really the heat. I hope to be able to get some UV resistant shirts this year and be a little cooler than the cotton long-sleeves last year.

Can’t wait to get out and use the new reel 🙂


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