Identity Crisis… Blog Style

So I cannot find a theme I like.  I had a moment, in the middle of the night, where it came to me. In a whirl of thoughts on how to improve my home and make it organized and functional (and able to move) somehow tBwK came into mind and how *I* would do it if I can manage the ability.   I have designed sites in high school, always excelling in the code.  Boy things have changed! So I’m trying to come up with a way to justify paying $30 a year for the freedom of creativity.
Those are the three words I hadn’t come up until sitting down now and typing them. I think that’s justification right there hehehehe.  I won’t try to describe what I want as I want it to be a surprise and it’s going to take some time to create the background I want.

It’s almost spring, I’ve started to suffer from cabin fever (yes I drive to work and get out but still)  The “city” I live in has talks and posts on social media about the hill coming into town from the west, there’s the city’s beloved monument (I will post about that another time) sits atop this hill and most likely, when it was built, they also cleared a section of trees to make it visible from the road.  I drive past this area every day and dream of a tiered community garden.  I don’t think real community gardens will ever take off in this “community”.   I bash this place probably because I grew up seeing it as a slum, a dumb, a place where addicts are.  It is true for the most part. I don’t really live here by choice, it’s more by chance and I do not wish to be in the larger neighboring city where I work.
Cities can suck the creativity right out of me. When you have to look straight up to see real blue skies and not the tall building surrounding you, I feel claustrophobic, like I can’t breathe and I’m trapped.
I know I need to be in the country where the air is cleaner, the birds can be heard singing, and the busy congestion of the city can stay right where it is.

When I first became a tumble weed, moving around, exploring new places, I had developed this idea after living in my car for a couple months and looking for a place to rent as I did have a job at the time, I rented a room in a house with a couple and a geek.  The idea being how I was in this tiny little room.
A little cube with a tiny window.
In a gigantic world that is uninhabited in areas and humans choose to pile these little cubes higher and higher into the air creating less of an imprint on the surface of the earth yes, but not a natural way to live.  At least not in my mind. Thus the idea of living in an apartment building is like giving up and moving into a crate.

To each their own.  I will go down the less traveled paths, stopping to enjoy the scenes other pass by, wandering off into the trees…


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