Old Man Winter… F**Off!

If you’ve been following, you’ll know I’ve started chives and cat grass. In the last week the sweet mild peppers I bought have sprouted!!

Medusa pepper plant is such a suitable name for the plant.
I always forget how many and what type of seeds I have started and it makes it exciting to figure out which is which. I believe these are all pepper though




I do have a rose hip I need to plant.

I am really itching for spring. Anxious to see if all my fruit plants come back. Everything should be fine, the strawberries I have little hope for since the neighbors dog has probably urinated on them for at the very least 3 months.
The squirrels are another pest I have to deal with. I came across a blog sayin to shred Irish Spring soap onto the garden as try hate it. I’m just going to place a few bars around my plants in clay pots to see if there is any difference. This week I shall pick up a small bag of manure for transplanting the TP rolls into an also see if my money tree will benefit from it as it’s leaves are yellowing and browning and I have been watching my watering habits with it. It’s the small tree so I am worries as I continuously seem to be hurting this tree.

Not sure if I have already shared the last photo or not buy here’s my moose.
I love moose. As a child I squired the nickname “hugamoose” from the family mechanic/neighbor because I would always wear a shirt that said “hug-a-moose” on it… I remember it was yellow and I believe the moose was holding a flower. Walmart has has more “wilderness” styled decor recently and I’m enjoying the bears moose and fish.
Happy gardening!


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