I had put some seeds into TP rolls, and the rest into water to soak and the swished them out of the jar into a pot. Now I see this method has a flaw of seeds being side by side. So since I do have some started in TP I decided to separate some of these sprouts just last night.

Medusa sprouts

Medusa Pepper Seedling
It’s got a good root too it for showing above the dirt only 4 days ago!
To each – Their own pot
TP and Clay pots together, two saucers with Parsley?

I have been slowly working on the Beekeeper’s quilt. It seems to be going slower now, or maybe because it’s being sewn together a skein at a time is how the process seems slower but it’s still not even a blanket yet, a leg/lap warmer, yes.
I started that cowl for my bestie, messed up and put it down to email the creator, who was a great help! But when I picked it up again I felt like I had messed up elsewhere and needed to start off fresh.
Now I’m just trying to get myself into it while on a day off but seem to have been busy with a new car and gardening. My next day off will be dedicated to it, after I put shelving up that is ;D
Spring can’t come fast enough. I’m just so sick of getting up to a cold apartment and then wrapping myself up in a blanket to be warm.. what’s the difference from bed other than I’m sitting up? I’m really suffering from cabin fever and want to get outside without bundling up!

Keep cutting this back hoping the roots will grow stronger, I will get more seeds this week.

I have heard more birds and geese lately.. hopefully they are bringing warmer weather with them!


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  1. pincushionsandreflections says:

    I’ve been seeing the geese flying back! I think spring is on its way even if it doesn’t quite feel like it yet.

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