Well the BeeKeeper’s quilt is a huge project. I believe I’m on the third skein for each colour,
just finishing up the purple and the mess if the middle of the blue. So I’ve started stitching together puffs to straighten up the edge, debating which edge is going to the the end and which will be a side. I think I’ve gotten it as long as I want it wide so now to square it up and continue on. Like hubby says “it’ll be ready next year and too damn warm!” And I’m sitting here with a duvet wrapped around me and it’s M-A-R-C-H!! It had warmed up to about 8-10 above zero with a couple +4 days around it too. Got out fishing even. Now I wake up shivering getting out of bed. I’m over winter and need to break up with it to retry again when the trees look dead again. Cabin fever set on a week or so ago and now… My urge to knit has subsided and wanting to be outside is takin over. I still have a cowl to make and have been searching for patterns to make. Some I will attempt to make on my own.

20130314-074711.jpg I love this photo! I’ve made a crochet hook handle out of a piece of christmas tree 9 years ago because my only hook’s handle had broken. I preferred it after so long of using it. I would love a full set of branch needles! I’ve found a few patterns I really like but of course there’s no pattern for the photo and most of the time the sites are originally in another language as well. Two are comfy sweaters….


Those two I just love!! Being oversized sweaters I think making it up will be forgiving. Another pattern I would like to figure out is this one for a child



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