About 6 years ago I stumbled upon this plant. I’ve forgotten whatever happened to it over the years but once again came across it in two greenhouses. The first greenhouse, I recognized it and asked to w sure as it was labelled as “tropical cutting” (greenhouse pet peeve label!!) an asked a worker who was clearly new and hadn’t even a guess other than it probably wasn’t what I thought it was.
A few days later I decided to look for a “hi-lo” and went to the other local greenhouse. They hadn’t heard of what I was looking for but DID label the cutting properly! Same plant, same propagation styles and pots, labels were different! I suspect they got a shipment as I didn’t see a single mother plant for sale. I found the only cuttings that had a small bloom and was quiet happy with the roots growing through the potholes.
I hope it likes it’s new pot and spot!

20130316-104146.jpg. One day it will look like this!


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