The Green Weekend

This weekend will always be an anniversary of some sorts so me.  I won’t get into what happened, but only four years later, I see how much growth the happenings of that weekend created.  I have mixed feelings still and believe I will forever about it but have found peace…

I don’t celebrate many holidays.  Hubs and I do the.. oh your older sister text me, dinners at this place at this time…. and hubs generally goes about singing a turkey song.. words mmmmm turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes are used and about the only words.  But it does put a smile on his face, I’m still not sure if more for the food than anything else, but I do know his misses his parents greatly and having passed on, the holidays really aren’t the same for him.
Anyways, St. Patrick’s Day has come around again and I’ve been knitting and seeding my little heart out around here.  I wanted to see what the rest of the blogging world had been doing and I WP searched “seeds” and came across many lovely blogs on the weekend.  This holiday will now be my seeding holiday, for me to look forward to.  As in the one year in the past, it was a weekend of change and growth for me personally and maybe one day I’ll start telling my inner story and stop trying to push it into the depths of my mind. I like my new view on this green holiday and will probably have my own little celebration to spring, growth and change next year with the wonderful people who I call family.
So here’s my first toast, looking forward to next St. Patty’s day,

My Dears, May we only grow closer and stronger together and not apart in the upcoming year. May our families blossom and our garden harvest be bountiful.

Love these guys

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  1. pincushionsandreflections says:

    I like this new take on the “green” holiday… 🙂 Very creative 😛

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