HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE (post is a rant)

I’ve got a rant.
I’ve been going “frugal” the past year and have had some success (I’m doing this, anything Hubs wants he just goes and gets), I have lots of laundry soap left.. haven’t thought about buying it or had to lug it home since… I’m back to the baking soda and ACV rinse for shampoo and conditioner. And last month Hubs suggested getting stewing beef from the neighboring town’s butcher.  I love this move most of all!  It is only the two of us and the 5lbs of already cut beef, pre-packed 1lb bags has worked out beautifully.  The meat is much better than the markets and $26 for the box! Making out for just over $5 of meat a meal for us.  I haven’t researched the butcher and yes assume it’s just simply better because it hasn’t been bulk packaged or red tinted for whole-sale.
I’ve been chatting with a friend who’s child is affected by the “chems” put into our daily foods which have been said “safe” by the government. She’s taken the “chems” out of the home now and have seen an improvement in the child’s behavior.  I just can’t believe how much gets through and affects us blindly for convenience.   My friend and I ranted to each other for a bit and she had pointed out that boxed food industry boomed after the world war because women were working and didn’t have the time to cook.  I have mixed feelings about womens movements over the past.  I do believe that if women didn’t fight to work and be another bread winner of the family that life to this day would be very different.  I haven’t educated myself in the women’s rights movement and am just going off my own knowledge from school and media.
So the rant begins..
If women didn’t go to work, the house could be cleaned, the dinner made, etc.  boring right?  Wait!  So that means, there’s time to make your own laundry soap and know exactly what’s in it.  Oh and why would you be going to the store? What store?  Oh that’s right the neighbors raise cows and corn…..
Yeah I’m talking about going back to those days! It will never happen.  It will be as it is now, city folk who tilt their heads and question why someone would make their own laundry soap.. Folk out there who aren’t affected by the small amounts of chemicals in their boxed up designer foods. Or they are too busy to realize it and have already masked it with another chemical they take daily to feel happier.  I’ve started to think there may be more people taking depression/anxiety pills than women taking The Pill. Working in a call center opened my eyes to how many people were on a daily drug of some sort but perfectly happy with life. Of course I don’t believe they would tell me the honest truth right off the bat but hell they are damn happy while at work and we can get on some pretty good topics between calls.
I’m not totally chem free. I would love to be but realize it really won’t be possible while living in an apartment in a small city where there’s only 2 city blocks that have a bike path and each block in on opposite sides of the city.. but “there’s 25% more life” here…. sure. Keep advertising bullshit like the public is used to.
I don’t take any daily chems and enjoy that.  I need to get back into a physical routine to get back into a better physical shape as these days of doing nothing have my body sorer than working in a tobacco field at the start of the year.  I’m in a rut and am really praying for spring to come to help me out and get into a walk/jogging routine and skip rope (if i could ever FIND the skipping rope)
Anyways, that was a short rant.. not very info filled.. just ranting.  I think most of it got off my chest with my friend hahahaha.. now off to check the garden!!!

This is my current blog read Vermicomposting hopefully coming soon to my kitchen as well!


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  1. I have quit using deodorant (everybody say eww) but will find an alternative once summer gets here, but this is because of reading about aluminum in deodorant and possible links to breast cancer. It is crazy what is in everything that we consume. We are at about 75% organic with our food right now and am switching over to natural and organic soaps etc. i get so upset when people say things like “hell you gotta die from something”, I would prefer to die a long time from now and live healthy until that point. I cannot wait to start my gardem when we move in a couple weeks!

    1. You’ve got me excited!! I wish to also switch… I barely use my deodorant for the exact same reason! I am planning on making my own, there is a lot of different types out there and would like to avoid anything that will stain. I am also growing lavender for the purpose of making extracts and hopefully a homemade perfume. I had forgotten about making deodorant 🙂 thanks for the reminder!
      I’m so excited for spring and gardening! Good luck with your move and gardens.
      Thank you for the comment, I love getting feedback 🙂

  2. Love the rant! Now that I actually figured out how to read it lmao. We are still working on the chem-free but as you know as well its not as easy as some think it is… Meaning habits more than anything. H.H. Is still on a winning streak at school still no notes and to top it off he actually read to me last night!!!!! 😀 I am so proud of him!!!

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