Seedlings and Sprouts Galore!








I’ve decided the TP starters are working for me. I need to space them out more in my seed trays but for some reason I had everything crammed into the greenhouse instead of totally unpacking all of the stored stuff in it. I transplanted my peas (it’s SO early!) but the roots were every where and I thought why not? I can arrange some space somewhere.. hopefully..
For a trellis I picked one up from the dollar store and covered it with left over garden netting and hot-glued buttons to it (because I was bored and had buttons). I am rather pleased with it and cannot wait for better weather to move them outdoors.

Now to put the kettle on again and see what else I can plant wait for hubs to get home since I left the bag of dirt in the back of my car…

And just as I moved the keyboard fat cat saw the opening for cuddle time!



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