Of Monsters and Men

I LOVE this band! This song “Little Talks” I played continuously last year. If I played music, this was either the first if not it would be in the top 5 I played first. And I cannot find a video online that’s free that has the sound quality of the purchased album (iTunes is what I use) and I did purchase the entire album after hearing this one song. I love the entire album. Please Enjoy and Listen to more Of Monsters and Men.


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  1. I love that song. I have it downloaded on my phone and play it through the bluetooth in my truck. Both the boys will ask me to turn iy up when that song comes on!

    1. I’ve watched an interview where one says the song is happy at first but as you listen more and more to it it’s sad and dark but the music is in contrast to it aswell. I do find it say, not sure if its the words or how they sing to each other

      1. Thats true even at the begining you can hear it in the words but the beat keeps you interested. I think I know what its about but I need to hear it a few more times I think 😉

      2. In one interview she says she was video chatting with a friend who was dyeing their hair red and she came up with a lame lyric or such and ten the song began…
        Not what I had thought how the song would have become hahahaha

      3. Hahaha me neither. All because a friend dyed her hair red !?!

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