C’mon Spring

The weather here has been dreary. Rain has been forecasted for most of the month. I dare not put plants outside yet.
I have looked into a community plot to extend my garden to but it appears the published email doesn’t work. So trying the Facebook group now and last resort is actually calling… I hate talking on the phone.
My cats have gotten into the peas and killed some. I had hoped they would stay out but this spring like weather has them a but frisky.
Parsley is doing well.


Some sunflowers have died and the rest of the pack I decided to toss into the window planter have sprouted. I hope they all survive as it would be very pretty outside my one window.


Medusa’s haven’t made any progress so I continue to tell myself they are building roots systems. Hopefully will see some more leaves soon.


My money tree has finally rooted and is looking healthy!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. lazersheep says:

    I’ve had zero luck growing from cuttings. You’re money tree looks great. Any suggestions?

    1. I usually fail too.
      This time I covered the cut end in cinnamon first, so far so good!

      1. lazersheep says:

        Interesting! I’ll have to try that, thanks 🙂

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