April Showers

Snow in April!

Boy has it ever been a rainy-snowy April!

Very happy to see the budding on this lil plant!
This may become my favorite plant to watch grow over the spring

I wasn’t too happy to wake up to see the snow, but I was happy about the growth of my perennials!!
There has been a lot of growth going on my deck this month and it’s very exciting!
I have also paid for a garden plot in the local Community Garden and am very excited about this as well. Although planting can’t start until June (that’s a little late in this area generally) It’s usually not snowing this month here either.
All of these photos are from April 20th and I do have newer ones. That will be a post for another day.

Raspberry bush again
My 3 yr old Blueberry Bush has buds
This may be my favorite snowy picture of my garden yet
My favorite photo of the Rasps yet

I have been doing some small home improvements around the apartment, putting up 3 shelves in the kitchen makes a huge difference!
Ah the little things eh


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