Little things make a difference

It’s nearing the end of April as many of you realize this..
I’ve got myself a garden plot and am just waiting to hear which one is mine.  It’s going to be a change actually having ground.  The deck is doing really well.  Raspberry canes are growing very quickly despite the crappy weather.
Inside I put up shelving  in the kitchen and am just loving it.  I’ve been living here for a few years now and really it’s been long enough that there should be photos and shelves up around the place but I don’t want to spend $10 on one bracket and it not be the size I need.  I got some cheap brackets at Ikea and had Home Hardware cut the two 12 inch x 6 ft clear pine boards at .50¢ a cut and the first two cuts were free! Picked up a sanding block from the dollar store to clean up the cuts and now I only need paint.  And when I want to paint I want to paint the entire kitchen. I need to have more colour around here than the two tones the landlords decided on.   The shelving is so functional, holding the microwave, toaster oven, flour & sugar jars, and the smaller crockpot with room for the salad spinner and strainer.  All that on four 21 inch shelves!  My kitchen is tiny and has minimal cupboard and counter top space, being that you have to put the dishes away before making anything to eat.  When it’s organized it’s really easy to make anything yourself but the second someone else who doesn’t know where things are gets in there.. it’s too  much.  The ugly black shelves served their purpose and have now become a window ‘seat’ for the cats in the kitchen and also a spot for the money tree, croton, and chives for now.
I have a good sized board left over that I’m going to find a use for.  At this point, it’s looking like a nice shelf just in need of brackets to go above the dragon’s tanks.
Speaking of dragon tanks! I re-did Bruno’s tank.  He got plants!! I got the hot-climate version of hens’n’chicks which should do well in a bearded dragon tank.
Off to get some photos!


Ok, now I’ve got my half carrot half orange juice almost fully consumed.. the cats have been outside running around, leaving some winter fur outside!   I took some photos of the deck.

Raspberry Canes
Raspberry Canes
Blueberry bush, not sure which kind this is
Dwarf Northsky Blueberry
Dwarf Northsky Blueberry
Sage again
Sage appears to be growing!
Sage again.. yup! There’s growth!

I was surprised to see growth in the herb planter! At first, I thought this was mint, then remembered I had peppermint growing which doesn’t look like this.  Then I saw the plant marker and remembered.

I caved and bought chives this year and hope to never buy them again!  I admit defeat! Chives are not my thing to grow from seed.

My second attempt…
I bought these ones..
Bought these from a local greenhouse
Medusa Peppers and a Parsley Plant and Jalapeno Pepper
... Lettuce...
Umbrella Plant
Money Tree
Money Tree waiting for the sun to pass over the house and get better indirect light
The newest addition to the indoor garden, a Croton Plant.
Love the colours!

Hopefully I will find out which plot it mine and I will have photos of that coming soon!
Happy Gardening!

(Marvin was glued to my hip this morning)


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