The Waiting Game

I hate the waiting game.
I did a month of it before gettting some temp work for a couple weeks, then off this week and now I’ve been told I’ll be needed next week. This excites me. I love to work and know that my bills will stay at the low amounts they should be at.
I’m also playing the waiting game with which garden plot will be mine. I don’t have any real tools yet, although I could get my hands on some if I really tried. I read the guidelines and they clearly say planting begins June. It just doesn’t seem like the right time here to be planting. You see, southern Ontario, is like four seasons in one some days or weeks. But in the past few years (this one seems to be different) it’s been sweltering hot come June, the sun high in the sky, blazing down on the gardens. My impatience with starting seeds cost me a lot of plants. A lot died when work picked up and it also got hot one morning and then freezing the next and I have had the plastic on my greenhouse because of the cats and the squirrels. I have been designing a net cover for my greenhouse instead for next year.
The upper neighbor is moving out as I type, which has been something I am very relieved about. I do hope the next tenant isn’t as bad as this guy and his dog was. The “city” I live in isn’t exactly stable. Many factories lay off here and most of the manufacturing companies have shut down leaving a huge amount of people here jobless, and I’m speaking about the my parents generation, people who’ve been supporting their lives and families off their work for many many years, are now also looking for work.
It may be the weekend, but right now, I’m looking forward to Monday, to productivity and earnings. It would be different if I had a greenhouse to tend to year round to keep my supply of food, that would be very rewarding in itself. A girl can dream right!


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