The Plot

As my last post kind of shows, I have been very busy as of late and it isn’t about to change.

60+ hours of work a week
Apartment searching
Current landlords are harassing and have stated “I want to hit you” to hubs, after being told repeatedly told to leave before knocking on the door (the walls are so thin a conversation is easy between them). A friend has taken upon himself to find out tenants rights and has been a witness to everything, including the borderline threat. We’ve files a harassment report with the police, the office agrees we are being “non-criminally” harassed.
Being that they are giving vague but 24 hour notices. It’s a grey area and was suggested to get the paperwork for harassment from the tenant board and to contact the lawyer as well.

Oh AND I haven’t had time to figure out which garden plot is mine…. I’m not happy about that part.
The landlord stuff has brought anxiety back, but this friend is helping and I’m trying to concentrate on the positive and be reassured that I am doing what is in my rights.
My boss at work has been saying I’m doing a good job. I load liquid trucks with fertilizer. It’s not strenuous by any means, I get to enjoy the outdoors and have learned the office work as well. I enjoy the work. Everyone is nice also.

I’ve missed both “work-days” on the plots, I’m not sure if these days are just organized to get people to meet each other and such, I’m not interested in that, especially at the moment with so much going on. I did go the the plot on the weekend and pushed a mound over but now I think it was the wrong plot and feel terrible… It felt sooo good to get my hands dirty, I fear I took a little of that new-plot joy away from the correct owner. I hope I am again mistaken.












Picked up a couple basket to collect rocks with.
Hopefully I’ll find the time to post in the computer but don’t expect anything other than mobile posts.
Blessed Be,
Happy Gardening!


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