Slowly getting behind

I haven’t done anything with the plot yet…..
Hubs got his luxury car out for the first time this year so of course we had to go for a short cruise after a quick car wash. Stopped at the plot to ponder which is my plot and the men think its different than what I thought as well so I’m determined to call and figure this out after work tonight. I don’t think I will get to turn any soil with all the rain that’s predicted for today. I have been getting the impression this garden plot may be a little more group orientated than I have ever hoped for.
I’m a loner.
I like to be alone to my thoughts and dirt.
Plus I would like to see if Marvin will adapt to a car ride there to graze in a decent area on his harness and leash while I putter about.
Marvin would welcome any attention from a passerby but a dog is another story, I’m not sure how to make him feel safe when it comes to that. I may bring the carrier to attempt to offer him familiarity and protection. I do know he will cower behind me and will want to stay close.
Going to look at an apartment this weekend. The landlord sounds very reasonable and honest. His repair man I know and his friends give a good reference. The other tenants have lived there 8 years and have had no issues. A big backyard, bathtub (I haven’t had a bathtub in.. 3? 4? years) plenty of parking (although it may be $10 or something for the second or third vehicle) main floor and washer and dryer on site. I hope it’s a good starting point and that we like it. I dislike moving and dealing with the current landlord is becoming too much.
Life is good when I can go to work, come home, relax, cuddle with the kiddies, garden and fish. I do not welcome any drama into my life and enjoy simplicity.
I would really like to be out of this place sooner rather than later. I’m already tired about talking about it…. As I type this (1:10pm) a friend is at my place babysitting again. I haven’t recorded any texts yet so I hope all is well and I don’t come home to a hole in the bathroom wall or something ridiculous resulting in them coming back or limiting my use of the bathroom. The notice did not entail such intimation. I feel like I am being forced to pack by their command and not my own.
Oh, the first text is “Lol. He brought a helper”
I hope this is the last of the harassment.

Anyways, with all this going on I haven’t managed to get to the plot. Like I mentioned earlier, may be a little more group orientated than I care for. After seeing the plots and how much needed to be trimmed. I was looking forward to doing the work myself. As well and spread the dirt around and mix in my manure.
I am still looking forward to gardening there. I wish I could have started earlier, before busy season at work. There would be sprouts and growth.
The medusa peppers are doing well.
The line parsley plant is… A leaf.
Ok a leaf and a next one to come..
JalapeƱo …. A sprout.
Basil… Sprouts.
No lavender..
..Lemon balm..
…Chinese lanterns…
Even the pink hens-n-chicks died.
Photos soon to come.


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