Community Garden

So I know I am not a writer.

These days I question if I’m still an artist.
But I am a gardener.
I was at the plot yesterday evening.


And I am not sure what all I will do with my 10 by 10 foot plot.
I realize I need supplies.
A shovel – small enough to keep in the car but still strong and easy to use.
A knee pad – then I can place that wherever I want to be standing and know that it’s a “safe spot” not on top of something and will double as a seat cushion for the table under the beautiful and wonderfully fragrant tree.


I already grabbed a basket for collecting rocks but all my seeds have managed to collect in it at home so I need to dump that and get it into the car as well.

I am glad I am not the only plot neglected so far.
More dirt is needed.
I need to dig down and turn the soil and edge it.
I have a couple little border pieces I may price out what a 10 foot section would cost. They are small and detachable from each other so they would work well as a border and clean the edges up.
Today is payday so I will have to get some more manure and get to work. I could also use a good pair of shoes as my 2 year old Reeboks aren’t holding up very well anymore so it’s just time to go shoe shopping (I loath shoe shopping!)

20130516-120143.jpg and just because she’s my puff puff another shot of her keeping warm on me but enjoying the outdoors!

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Blessed be and happy gardening!


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