I made my way out to the plot last night.
There was people at plot #8 and after the kids had finished helping and the couple was just watering and looking at others plots I asked them how long they’ve been plotting here (this is their second season) and if anything had been destroyed. They explained the deer love beans and beets! I was shocked by the idea that the deer are traveling that far into town. I do know how they are managing now that I’ve put some more thought into it and see where the little stream does connect to the exterior forests.
A couple plots added wood edging. I am interested in adding that to my plot this fall for next year as I am already really enjoying having a plot.
We’ve also found a new apartment, a 2 bedroom! There’s a bathtub, double kitchen sink, 4 closets and a pantry, a dinning area, new tile, new carpet… Newly painted… How much better could it get???? It’s also not on a busy road used by the ambulances and other loud emergency services, no direct backyard neighbors, and it’s closer to work.
I don’t have a deck but there’s still a spot for the BBQ and a front garden and I can’t see anyone have any problems with my current container garden – although building proper planter boxes may be critical sooner as I want everything at the new place to look good and finished. I’m hoping I can get the men to leave all the boxes for me to move and then once those are out they can tackle the furniture. I’ve always moved my own things in the past and I just feel the same now – even if it takes me a couple more trips in my small car, it just means its all easily accessible to me and I know nothing is going to slide around.
Redecorating is in order! I like the colour of the new place and now plan on finally painting that 2×3′ canvas I picked up months ago. I envision purple with a fading of pink like sunset and silhouette something Tim Burton & Nightmare inspired. Bold but feminine. Im feeling quiet creative now and cannot wait to move! I’m overjoyed with the idea of getting away from these sketchy landlords and starting fresh and be in a better place for essentially less mullah!

Some photos of the plot:










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