And so the plot thickens…

I got out there last night to edge the garden. Actually got the grass out and found a couple grubs.

20130524-090946.jpg Hubs has no interest in this kind of stuff so it really surprised me that he came out after he ran a couple errands. He tried to sneak up on me, thankfully I wasn’t completely unaware of my surroundings and noticed him.
I had edged all around and was on the beginning of knocking the dirt off and taking it to the compost pile. Well, having him around made really quick work of that. He was also quick to point out “this is shit soil, it’s just clay”. A bit disappointed for me. I realized this may be the first time this particular plot will receive a great deal of TLC. There are an abundance of rocks throughout and Hubs is right, it’s clay soil. The area here is mostly clay or sand. Any rich soil is brought to the garden unless you venture into the woods where nature is left to do what it does and grow.

I’ve been talking about my plot at work, the boss is a farmer and talks about getting his beans in this weekend since the rain seems to be passing over us and hitting the north… and then the skies open up and it pours! The plan is to have the plot worked in and full of better soil by next weekend. I got the A-OK to get some topsoil for free. Now to pick up some buckets that I can use to transport the dirt from one place to another. I can’t believe how busy I feel right now it’s somewhat overwhelming.
Hubs is currently giving the landlords 10 days notice of our early tenancy termination and I’m quiet excited about that. I am really getting excited about moving from this place and into the new place. I feel that the new place will function for us better and it’s better plan for the future as well. I hope we will be lucky in means of not working the weekend we move so that I can get all the small things moved before the men get together and do what they do. All the big stuff, glass and collectables I would rather they handle. Anything small and delicate I’ll move myself since I know what’s packed into which box. It really shouldn’t take more than a couple trips in my car or one trip with the truck. I’m ok with just Hubs and I moving the small stuff. He’s rather efficient at any task given to him. Sexiest thing in a man is a hard worker!

Another photo from the other day:


Update on my largest Medusa plant




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  1. The garden plot sounds like its going to go well. And you are right!! The sexiest thing in a man is a hard worker 😉

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