A visit to the city

A much needed weekend spent with the bestie. Both of us needed it.
Just a relaxing night with a few Long Island iced teas, hummus and chips, and buffalo chicken franks pizza. The next morning was an leisurely walk about Spring Bank Park, seeing many geese and goslings. We even had the pleasure of seeing a pair of Chinese Geese and a wonderfully vibrant orange Baltimore Oriole. The Chinese red maple trees had bloomed and now have millions of little helicopter like seeds. The seeds were still young. I’m hoping to grab a few somewhere and start my own bonsai from seed.
I didn’t get out to the plot on the weekend. I hope there’s a couple containers in the boat that would work well for transporting soil this evening to the plot. I have a couple gourd plants that will need to be transplanted shortly and by rule of thumb the plots are to be planted by June. There’s plenty of tools, row covers and hay in the shed for all to use. I think I have decide upon the general layout of the plot. Gourds will run down the middle with trellis support and sunflowers will also grow well in the same area.
I have a diagram made up using Mother Earth News free for a month garden planing app. It was very useful!
I will have to make a point to get into the desktop tonight and upload the plot plan. I have too much planned I’m sure but I also have rabbits and deer who will help themselves so that could thin things out naturally. I’m loving the Medusa Pepper seedlings I have got. Every day there’s new growth and they are doing well. I look forward to them graduating to actual sturdy plants, and then actually producing peppers!
Photos will come soon!


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