Rain.. Rain… Go… Ahead pour!


I love a good rib-vibrating rattle. I won’t be making it out to the plot today. It’s been raining all day on and off. There was 100% chances so I’ve been waiting for the skies to open up. It’s a low rolling grumble of clouds tiling together. The only day this week without a cloud and raindrops symbol is Thursday. I will have to get more dirt turned then.
Friday is moving day. Well it’s get the keys day so I hope it will be fine to move boxes in to get things started. Hopefully there won’t be work on Saturday so we can move the rest in and should be done. Then I can spend Sunday unpacking and organizing and Hubs may go out fishing if its nice outside. I like this idea so I can do my thing and not have anyone asking me questions and plus I’ll just know where everything is. I hope my cousin will also drop by for a visit and chat, it’s been a while!
The cats aren’t sure what to make of everything in boxes. Marvin is even more by my side than before. I didn’t think it was possible. I’ve managed to get basically everything packed. There’s loose odds n ends and glasses that need to be packed. Between shoveling fertilizer at work, turning/breaking up dirt and rock picking, and packing… My back can’t handle too much more. Oh and it’s about to get hot here. 35C and the humidity will be the death of us all.
I haven’t managed to get on to the desktop yet – it isn’t packed up! Soon I will and have a good photo update of everything!













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