Almost June!

Made it to the plot Wednesday night.

I got a full half of the plot hoed. There was another basket of rocks to be picked out and I started the other half but only managed to do the edge as wide as the hoe on one end.
20130601-071532.jpgI met another plotter. Her and her daughter are sharing a plot.20130601-071807.jpgThe side with the buried bottles is her daughters.

I tossed some sunflower seeds into the middle so I can say planting has begun. I’m just honestly too busy and can’t afford to pull something before the move is done. The other side of the plot will be just as bad I think. I may be the only one who has out this much effort into breaking up the clay. I did miss seeing everyone work their gardens but there seems to be either a good amount of rocks and clumps or it seems to be perfect-from-the-bag soil. I’m glad to do the work. Next year I will appreciate it and will be able to work nutrients into the clay
I checked on the container garden last night and came across the first raspberry blossom, as the previous post shows. I am quiet happy with this plant!
The strawberries are standing tall. No blossoms yet and a couple aren’t coming back. I haven’t packed anything of the deck yet. Just figure I’ll wing it and wait until the men are moving furniture and I can move my pots myself and stay out of their way.
Sage is going to bloom soon.
The lonely pea plant is thriving! I had completely forgotten about it until I reviewed what I needed to do to move the deck stuff.


The new place will have plenty room and sunlight for the plants I have.
I won’t be able to expand. And it’s not private, I’m really going to miss a fenced in area for the boys. They will enjoy the vast amount if space once I allow them outside. Going to be a while before that happens. I think they will like the new place and be pretty happy. Lots of closets to explore and nap in. The spare room – the hobby room – will be especially nice. A real area to properly store fishing rods and tools. A place for my desk and sewing machine. A crafting area.
Having a real dinning area will also be nice. I need to find some chairs for the antique table we have. Hubs is completely convinced we won’t need the table and that eating on the couch will continue to happen.
I hate eating off my lap.
I hate eating sitting on the floor everyday.
I cannot wait to sit at a proper table and eat a home made meal. He doesn’t understand in the slightest. I think he’s forgotten what’s it’s like to have a table and chair option to eat at. And depending on how we arrange the tv, he may even be able to watch tv and eat.
Anyways, off to wait for the new keys!


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