G’morning, Brothers birthday, New Apartment

First and most of all, I would like to say a loving HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my now bar legal brother, Conner. Although you live hours away, I love you dearly (thank goodness for autocorrect, I typed deadly!) and think of you quiet often. I hope your spirits are high and creativity is in abundance. Your such a strong soul. Hope the past two days have left ya hung over as fuck bro!

So the past few days I have not gone to the plot. Yesterday was moving day.
Boy were we happy to see our friend show up with his girlie friend and her truck. These two have had some turbulence in the relationship and my goddess she really redeemed herself to myself and Hubs yesterday. The two of them were such a help it was amazing!
90% of everything is moved. The new place is a disaster. A much nicer bigger disaster. Today we move Puff and Bruno as well as their tanks and stand. I have my deck to move, being dirt, pots, a handful of plants (Hubs grabbed a lot of them yesterday surprisingly.)

Ok so it’s been a few hours since I started this post and currently just have the last of our thing in my car. Unpacking seems almost daunting.
I’m excited.
We just have to decide on where things are going. The tv needs a proper stand or wall mount (my preference) but that also depends on where everything goes. That being said, puts a hold on a few tanks. These items are not easy to move and are heavy. The dragon tanks need a new stand. I think that’s going to take some importance in the next week. Change the 50 tank out for the really long and low tank. This would make the 50 easier to place if we do use it again. The 100 gal tank is going to become a salt water tank. I’ve been dreaming about setting one up for years and have done many hours if research on setting up and maintaining them.
Wuhoo! Figured out where the 100gal is going. Very slowly but surely getting things unpacked. I’m just loving the amount of space here!
A soaker tub!!! I can’t recall ever having such a deep bathtub! Just amazing. Will have a use for the roses I’m attempting to grow. Roses in the bath would be very relaxing.
Very happy with this move!
Now to relax and slowly unpack.
Blessed be everyone!


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