Busy busy

I feel like today Is the first official day in the new place. This is probably because I’ll sleep in bed, which I picked up a frame for this evening, set up, and mad… the cats are settling a little more so that makes me feel better and there was absolutely no option to go back to the old place (not that I wanted to, putting the keys in the kitchen drawer felt amazing). I think sleeping in bed is going to help Marvin too, he’s out if sorts. Suffering from a bit of new place stress. Both cats were too young to remember a bathtub if they ever saw one (Marvin once, Boog never with me). They have been hopping into it and clearly have no understanding of it and water. The day they find out it going to be sofunny… Hehehe almost evil.
I’ve only gotten a single box fully unpacked today, cable was moved successfully without and hitches.
I meant to get to the plot today but once my butt made it home, I lost track of time between dinner and going to pick up the bed frame. Tomorrow will be the planned night. After work I will unpack another box and once the sun is low, out to the plot I will go. If its cooler I may make it there sooner.
Plot To Do:
• Hoe the last of it
• Plant Sunflower
• Plant Gourd
• Seed
• Drive in main bamboo posts

I’m happy to have moved and now am able to get more done in the garden finally.


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