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Finished hoeing!
I didn’t do as good of a job on the half I worked on last night but its planted.
The gourd and sunflower plants I had in pots were transplanted.
The sunflower seeds I planted on the 31st have sprouted! I cannot get my photos to upload to Flickr, and I’ve run out of space on here to upload to. I won’t be upgrading WP until I reach a larger audience and probably be my birthday present to myself, but that won’t be until fall. Anyways, I have a photo of the sunflower sprouts and have shared is via my Facebook page please check my page out, I share motivational photos regarding life, cat and garden geared (I can see the eye rolls, another one of those I know. Hahaha it’s a simple way to share my posts and try to gain more of an audience. I don’t write for anyone other than myself. I LOVE input though. One thing I value is other’s view. It’s impossible for myself to think of or see every point if view on any situation big or small, so I always share and ask others. I’ve learned a lot from others and enjoy it. So hopefully the page helps someone follow post updates or to share to friends! *hint hint* Do I think this blog is worth sharing? Honestly, I don’t know. I have aspirations for this blog so hopefully it will become something more than someone’s random online journal.
Oh yes, I was talking about the sunflowers. Last Wednesday I tossed some in the middle of the plot (a semi neat row really) I wasn’t sure how well they would do since the seeds have roasted in my car the past couple weeks so I thought they would be a write off. Lesson learned. But they’ve all sprouted! It was very nice to see that. These are a reddish variety of sunflower I think more of a decoration flower. I want to pick up some of the floral sand(can’t remember the name) and preserve a flower for my hat. They will also serve as supports for the gourd plant I put in the middle of the garden.
Depending on the weather tonight I want to get out to the plot to hammer some bamboo poles into the ground and start the trellis. Get that done before there’s roots to damage. It’s supposed to storm though so it’s going to be a kitchen organizing night. The move mess is starting to get to me. The new place really is incredibly better than the last.
Not having photos is bothering me. I hope to remedy this shortly. Sadly I may have to find a different online storage host if there’s one that shows img code via mobile. A laptop is a goal once I find employment. The move really hurt the finances but it really is for the best. Next week I will be able to fully unpack and arrange the new place during the day and tend to the garden in the evenings. Get everything settled in and going.

It’s really looking like rain soon here, have a good day everyone! BB


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