Rainy Day, Garden Update

Good morning everyone.
It’s a rainy morning here with the birds chirping away. I’m so glad it’s raining. I went to the plot yesterday and spoke with a man and his two children. It’s his first time plotting as well. They were checking out everyone’s plots so I joined them. The sun was high so there was no watering going on.

The gourd plant is doing well, it was bent over from the wind but looks like it will still survive. So I put the little trellis/fencing pieces(to the left in the photo) around it to help keep it upright. (Photos are from June 7th)

Finally transplanted the gourd. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it to use this makeshift trellis.

The sunflowers are doing great and the transplant went well. It’s still standing and growing.


A good friend gave me a couple Eggplant sprouts

That’s about all I have on the plot.
As for everything in pots….

Another blossom!
Northsky Dwarf Blueberry
Northsky Dwarf Blueberry has only one cluster of berries, but the rest of the bush is lush and beautiful
Growing so fast!
The lone pea plant now sits in my bathroom window.. shoved some more seeds in there today, maybe they will grow quickly here
Passion Flower
This will soon be transplanted to a larger, permanent pot, very happy with this beautiful vine
I didn’t buy any catnip.. but that’s what’s growing beside the oregano! Curious as to how it got there! (Squirrels?)
Ground cover
In my taller blueberry pot I started this ground cover that turns yellow and blooms, very pretty
Love growing these, Going to get a hip from Pops’ rose bush in the small town neighboring here
The family is going to be surprised to get a seedling!
Strawberry Jar
Some of the plants survived the dog pee but there are no blossoms yet 😦
This really brings back childhood memories with my best friend.
Shed Garden
Possibly a future herb garden????
Willow tree at the back.. I’ll make some rooting syrum from this tree 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll do an update on the medusa peppers!


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