Oh Medusa!

And the container garden!

May 24th
Unsure if there’s a branch or root starting..

I’ve lost track of time it seems. Every day I work a little on something and forget to update about Medusa.
Although I have more than one plant, there’s one that’s been unique since it started. I know I only had one pack of seeds so this one really got growing compared to the rest. I showed it to Hubs last week and he exclaims “Oh Wow Bonsai that baby!”
I think there may be another root starting from the main stem, I’m excited about this! If it’s another root I will transplant it to a larger pot. It’s really got an interesting foot to it which is perfect for the idea of bonsai.

Look at this baby! Beautiful leaves and a dark stem
Lovely leaves
Cluster of roots and a couple shoots I’m unsure if will be roots or branches again

Some of the other seedlings:


Not seedlings:

Goldfish Plant

These cuttings are growing nicely. I keep pinching the tips trying to get it to thicken up. I think it is getting too much sun. Will have to hang in there a little longer until I get the house settled more.

Banana Plant
Banana Plant

I picked this up hunting for a different plant, it was on sale and I love sales. I’m just not sure where to put the Banana Plant after it get repotted.

Zebra plant
Zebra plant

I’m going to look up how long I’ve had this Zebra Plant and for the most part have been killing it. It seems to like it’s new place in the new bathroom. I’m really happy it’s coming around.

Chive flowers

The Chive Flowers I picked this morning while watering outside.

There are more plants I need to photo and give detail on.. but the sun is shining and I’ve got a bearded dragon who would love to sit in it!

-P.S. I am trying to figure out how to format this better and get things better organized. I may have to look at another theme as this one seems incredibly narrow. I’m also studying up on Photoshop, it’s been since high school that I’ve successfully used the basics of the program. Pinterest seems to have a collection of tips and tutorials. I hope to have photos in a collage and information displayed better in the near future! Blessed Be everyone, Happy gardening!


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