Happy Canada Day!

WOW! What a weekend!
Actually what a week!
Gardening, Community cleaning, helped an injured furry raccoon, played at the splash park… then the weekend started! It was wonderful. It was nice to be busy and this week won’t be too horribly dull either. An outing for some creativity with a new friend and visitors this weekend. I am very excited.
The new place is slowly getting decorated, it’s nice to have fresh space and so much extra room!!(for now)
The spare room is getting set up for someone special.
I’ve got most of the house plants situated and they seem to be doing well so far. Home life has been great.
The weather here hasn’t been too favorable, but I will say for Canada Day long weekend, it was great. We avoided some rain by travelling a little bit to fish in a beautiful bay. Had a wonderful campfire dinner with another couple. Fishing with another friend the next day and then some relaxation. I am looking forward to actually sitting down and writing a full post on the past week’s events and get some photos up as well.
Hopefully tomorrow will be the morning to begin as after I will be teacup hunting! Eeeek excited!


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