Ivy attack

Hubby came home Thursday fine, didn’t say a thing to me about his day. It’s not unusual for him to be walking the tracks inspecting them, looking for groundhog damage or just simply making sure the rather large, wild property is decent.
Friday morning rolls around and he complains to me that his eye hurts and there’s a small rash on his arm. He asks me to look up a natural remedy for Poison ivy. He comes home at lunch and turns on an episode of House. He’s been unusually quiet at this point and then slowly explains that he had been picking up rocks and metal from an area on the property where the scrap yard has… Overflowed. His work got a new tractor to cut the grass with so they needed to clean some of it up, anyways, while in the tall grass he encountered poison Ivy.
Well, he and his brother are terrible with this. They get a terrible rash and itch. His brother usually has a body wash for it at all times being in the woods dirt biking never knowing when he may crash and end up in this awful plant.
I want to find something natural that will work for him because I know it will have more uses than just for ivy.
I looked up remedies.

    Witch Hazel
    Baking soda baths
    Oatmeal baths
    Cold vinegar spray
    Watermelon rind used as a cold compress and the juices work to relive the itch
    And more…

I’ve used witch hazel and Ross hips to heal a boxers incurable itch so I know the powers of if.
Calamine lotion has worked for Hubs in the past so that’s what we started with.
Well, today he’s terrible in areas and better in others. His eye for example is good. But his arm is gross. I’m amazed I don’t react to this plant and have to be very thankful for some good genes on my dads side as Hub and I have been in the same areas and he’s gotten it and I have not, and I’ve forgotten and touched him and didn’t get it.
Today, his boss even said go home, take a temporary leave of absence until he’s better. He’s a good boss.
This morning I picked up tea tree oil for him in hopes this will work. We put it in a mister and covered him. He’s going over board but a full three days of itching and pain all over, I don’t blame him.
Hopefully this works and I’ll just always be sure to have Tea Tree Oil on hand.
There was a plant that sometimes grows around the area of poison ivy that counteracts the oil that creates the itch and rash. Feverfew? No…. Jewelweed! A plant I am planning on adding to my container garden now.
Seeing as the day is coming towards noon, I hope by the evening to see some type of improvement, even just less itch and a better mood… C’mon tea tree oil!


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