Deer Ate the Lettuce!

I can’t believe how hard it’s been to get onto the computer to myself in the past couple of weeks.
The poison ivy episode is coming to an end so Hubs is now back to work. I’m sure he’s even happier than I am, the past week hasn’t been nice to him. –And I thought my UV allergy was bad after a couple hours. I think if I went a full day or weekend without protection I would be comparable to his boils. I just won’t let that happen! It’s nice to have him back in a good mood again.
Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel and Calamine Lotion are things this household will always have in stock. Tea Tree Oil seem to really do the trick. He just misted himself twice a day (or more the first day) and it was on the mend.

And now the PLOT!!
The deer has eaten my lettuce. I wonder if the deer is even leaving the city being as it has all it needs in the gully. The area is long but does lead out of the city at two points – the gully/stream or the train tracks to a small forest or right out of town. The community forum is speaking of killing the deer. I don’t believe this will fix the problem in the long run, more will find their way. I believe we should just build individual fences around the plots. However you shall choose – most have snow fencing or chain link fencing wrapped around them already anyways.

Pinterest can be a wonderful thing. CONCETP IDEA PHOTO AND LINK NOT MY PLOT:

Waiting to see if this is acceptable concept for the plot for next season, modified shorter bed with taller fence

The gourd plants are just taking over. I’ve already started cutting back leaves and extra branches. It’s going to be a continuous battle.

Lovely white flowers
Hoping this is the birdhouse gourd variety!
Could be the ball gourd..
Deer protection
I put this up on the weekend

Deer protection
And yesterday it was still up!
Roma Tomatos are doing well
Gourd blossom
Neighboring plot’s sunflower

The plot is nothing of what I had planned but I love it.
Like I mentioned, the gourds are taking over, I think next year I will stick with them in containers at home and go from there.
Hubs would like a plot, or let me re-phrase that, he’s willing to get a plot for me to use to grow what he wants for him.  I was already thinking about that and in the past couple days while I was watering the plot another fellow mentioned how he would also like another plot. I’m wondering how much interest there is for a site of 10×20 plots.  That would be right up my alley.  At first the 10x10ft plot seemed so big but now, with leaves and stems in it, it’s much too small. I will continue to use this plot of course but I may see if I can do anything at home beyond container gardening.

I can understand why families “back in the day” had one worker for money and one at home for everything else. I think that time would have thrived better without all the greed that’s apart of humanity.
Anyways, next year the plot will be much different.
Onions – I have those now but they are shaded by the tomato plants and not spaced out enough

I will grow gourds and potatoes in a bag at home next year and Hubs and I were already talking about re-vamping the front garden for lettuce, peas and other shady vegetables.

All a learning process!

Happy Gardening, BB!


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