Officer: Excuse me miss? Is that man following you?

After graduating high school, with honors and not living at home as well as working at Home Hardware, I got a real job. Over the phone technical support for a very large American company. I am a winter baby so I graduated at the age of 17 and by the time training was over my birthday just passed which made me able to work production. I was one of the highest marking students in the class, helped others, and also the youngest in the building, possibly the business at the time. A good friend had referred me for the job and recruit loved me so it was a rather easy interview.
I loved the job, the money was great but the hours stunk. It worked for my boyfriend at the time, Lets call him – A. Well A liked to drive around and do as he pleased in my five liter mustang. It was a beautiful car and my first car. One time I asked A to deposit money into my account for my car payment because I had to work and he didn’t work (allergic). Well the story I got the next day when I found the NSF fees, was that between dropping me off for work and the bank, he got thirsty and alas, NSF…
Anyways, this tech support job, I was able to do a 1000 piece puzzle in a shift while keeping up with my notes and following all guidelines. My colleagues were amazed. One even pointed out that it was a trait of ADHD. I had my own system for my notes and also had memorized all the steps to the majority of the issues. The job became pretty simple for me.
During the almost year of working there A’s friend and girlfriend had decided that I was too much to live with. I had purchased and basically forced B to take a pregnancy test after her routine gag session in the bathroom until N would smoke her up and make her tummy feel better. {I forgot how stressful these days were}
I started staying with my childhood best friend M, she lived close to my work and needed the help too.
This building was your average three story mainly two bedroom apartments where the first floor is partially underground, the windows being normal sized but sat almost level with the ground.
M told me in the past month she was walking down the road and a cop had asked her if she thought the man who had biked past her was following her. She had no idea and thought it was all bizarre. Within a week or so things got stranger. They noticed a tapping on their windows from the outside. This light tap.. Tap… Tap… Was horrifying and it came to light that the girls across the hall had also experienced it. Everyone was much too afraid to open the window during the sessions until one night it pissed one of the four ladies off. She opened the blinds to realize this guy was masturbating in the windows. The cops were called on a couple of occasions but nothing came of finding the creep.
M explained all this to me and I still took the couch… After taking a bat from N. I slept with that bat for about a month on the couch, with every intention of swinging it through the windows if I heard a tapping. No opening the blinds to be sure just haul off and swing. Thankfully I never experienced the tap. I did however see the guy. Nearing the end of the month A & N dropped me off at M’s and when I walked from the roadside to the door someone with a backpack, suspiciously in all black (which is odd because I wear all black a lot) was standing on the front lawn. He wasn’t close enough to be trying to get into the apartment like someone who embarrassingly locked themselves out or a friend trying to surprise another friend. But he wasn’t standing close enough to the road to be waiting for a ride of any sort.
I went inside and the guys briefly watched me get into the apartment before speeding away.
I spoke with M and we both realized he was standing in perfect view of watching into the windows. Those blinds got shut fast. Through texts I tried to remain calm and not totally freaked out by chatting with A which didn’t work very well. Shortly after that we moved to Thunder Bay.
M experienced the tapping another handful of times until the guys at the back of the building heard what was happening and also got to listen to the ladies speak to the police about it. There was a long history of this creep and an inability to be caught by the police because he was on foot and able to go anywhere to hide. Another friend was staying with M and she thought the guy were cute, so the first tap she heard she went running to them. The guys went out side with a lead pipe and came back telling the girls they got him, beat him up and that he would at least have a broken arm or collar bone and won’t be able to tap on the windows for a while.
M didn’t have to worry about that pervert again, but there’s always more.


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