Oil Pulling

Coconut oil

So at the beginning of the year I cam across Oil-Pulling for oral health care.
It’s only been 6 months since I first started seeing and reading about it that I tried it. 

My wonderful cousin, Y, brought be a tub of organic virgin coconut oil on Thursday and I gave it a go. I missed a day due to early morning fishing and I’m a foggy  morning person. My teeth do feel better.  The pain from the wisdom teeth is subsiding so I’m unsure if it’s naturally moving or if the TMJ is causing all the pain.  TMJ, a terrible thing to have really and I’ve had it since a toddler.  It wasn’t until I was out of high school that I started to notice any jaw pain from it. I think before I was just too busy to really realize it.  But now with a broken tooth and cavity and the TMJ as well, the past week hasn’t  been fun for me one bit.  
I sanded a curbside table, at least got the project started… that reminds me.. I should get some stain for that and I need to put it somewhere out of the rain.   
 Anyways, I’m good at derailing thoughts. Oil pulling. Here’s the link for my Pinterest board Herbal Health.  

How to:

*I use organic virgin coconut oil*

1 – Set timer for 20 mins and get a tablespoon of oil

2 – Gently swish the oil around for that time frame, if need be spit it out into the TOILET and get another TBSP of oil to finish the 20 mins off with.

3 – DO NOT swallow the oil or gargle with it, it is pulling toxins from teeth and gums and whatnot so it is full of waste.  This is also the reason to spit into the toilet and not the sink.  

Jillee, has a wonderful post about it as well that dives further into the health information as well as adding essential oils to it for extra benefits.  For now, I’ll do just the oil and see how it goes in a year.

Anyone else have information or experience with this? 


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