The Plot

       Recently the throw-out bearing in my car as ceased. This doesn’t render is as useless, but to most it does. I am still able to drive it but only with about 4 seconds to use the clutch before the junk bearing heats up too much and doesn’t allow it in or out of gear. This on top of four impacted wisdom teeth and the need for a root canal have left me feeling quiet… poor. Not sure when I will be able to fix my car or my teeth, teeth being the ones causing me pain and discomfort in my jaw and ear and is also the reason for a consistent light cough the past few months. I don’t want to know how long I’ve had this infection pooling in my jaw. I know the ear pain has been flaring up and down for a year.
So, that means that I’m not at my plot so easily, even though it’s just a walk down the street really, it’s just the 5 sets of lights that I will have to wait through that adds a lot of time and means a lot of extra time in the sun without anywhere to hide from it.

These are photos from Wednesday:

I have some eggplant flowers!
Photo taken Wednesday – Gourd
Again taken on Wednesday, another Gourd
The Sunflowers

So today, my plot neighbor Rob, messaged me via facebook (such a wonderful thing when used as an information tool more than socially) who had suggested I start another batch of lettuce as mine are done. Something I have been wondering about doing actually and I had ripped up a couple plants earlier to start. I suggested he take a few flowers home as the birds are just loving them at the plot and I took some for the birds at home. His response what that he’ll take me up on the flower and that it will make his elderly neighbor day! aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwweeeeeee! I love that stuff.
I was able to take more photos of the plot today :

The big one!
Birds are enjoying the seeds
Missing seeds
Loving the bees
The little one
Upper right in front of leaf before they drop
My hand is showing one that’s dropped.
The in side of the shed
New tool storage is wonderful


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