A Wonderful Outting and Evening in the City

It’s been a delightful day today so far and the evening is just about to begin with the bestie.
Started out with a new friend, who is very creative and loves to make jewelry, we have a blast together.   She picked me up and I showed her how to crochet.  Well, I guess I showed her how to watch a video on how to crochet left handed.  She picked up so well on it too, got to do a few rows of each stitch, single crochet, half double crochet and triple crochet.  I think next visit will be the magic loop and working in the round.  I have plenty of stitch markers to share.  Now I am just waiting for Bestie to get home from a quick dental check-up and I will make us Caesar Falafels for dinner.  I of course helped myself to her collection of teas, David’s Tea to be exact.

Mango Madness

The container that caught my sniffer the most this time was Mago Madness and it’s delicious.  I thought out how the mango gum smells when you unwrap it, just so in your face mango-iness was what I needed after taking some pain meds for the stupid wisdom teeth.  Now for that to kick in and to get some blogging and photo uploading & organization done while I can use her laptop.   See what all I can get updated on with everyone here.
I have been able to make it out to the plot today and was lucky enough to get an assisted photo of the wonderful gourd growing. It’s a wonder that it hasn’t pulled the sunflowers down yet.  I do need to get some pantyhose and rig up a better support system for it.  It appears there’s two different types of gourds growing.  As well as two growing along my back fence.  If they all turn out to be different that would be amazing.
Little Gourds


The sunflowers are being dominated by the gourds but that was expected and they are lovely. The bees are still just loving the flowers as well and since I don’t wear any scents they leave me alone very nicely. Next year will be different as I’m sure I have said that before. A raised sight would be ideal and maximize space while avoiding cut grass being sprayed over everything. Also it would allow leaves to overhang a little being closer to the edge.  The gourd at the fence is doing well, this photo was only taken about a day apart and I think I can start to daydream about what to do with these small ones.

Fence Gourd

The Big One

April 28th
August 13

The mini roses are doing beautifully as well. These peachy colours are the newest ones to bloom. I do believe this plant is from the tiny self watering pot I bought from Canadale’s back in April.  Luckily Bestie is stitching away while I’ve still taken her laptop hostage.  I think I’ve gotten as up to date as I can while not being at home and having fresh photos of the rest of the garden.  Oh I can also quickly to a glance at the large money tree….

My two year old money tree
Back on February 3 2012
Having a shower July 26th

Blessed Be
Happy Gardening


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