It’s August?!?

It’s August in Ontario and well it’s more like September.. maybe even more like October weather of the past few years. August as a kid – this is what I remember. The new heat in the past 10 years became the new norm so this cooler August is much to everyone’s surprise. Some are even complaining… I won’t because I could complain about buying a used air conditioner at a third of the cost of a new one to only use it for a week. To me, that week with Hubby being covered in Poison Ivy, was worth dishing out $50 for an air conditioner. I have been considering packing it up already though. I do have a storage space for it and the windows weren’t hard to manage, I practically put the thing in all by myself.

A good friend, GT has a wonderful container garden that makes my container veggies look like an a newbie. He also started medusa seeds but has larger containers so the plants are much larger and producing more peppers. I’m still happy with mine by all means, possibly jealous that his medusas are bigger than mine. Both haven’t changed from the ivory green/yellow colour yet. I am looking forward to some colour in the peppers. He was also able to get roses to start from seed so I am trying that as well. He has quiet the green thumb being able to grow basically everything. See if I have any photos to share… I am working on figuring out how to better format my posts with photos but this will have to do for now:

The rose seeding:

I can’t wait to get the rose seeds I’ve collected to sprout. A couple of climbing bushes that were just beautiful, will be interesting to see how the colours turn out from their seeds.
GT showed me a group on facebook for seeds and the amount of information on there is insane. And everyone is asking questions and giving advice and experiences. I’ve really come to enjoy it and another group, Herbal Healing.

Now to get some of the Bestie’s chores done, give her kitties a petting good-bye and meet the ol’ man for a ride home and get a flywheel out of the ol’ gem that’s my car.


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  1. Karen says:

    It has been a strange summer in Maine weather wise as well. Lovely photos.

    1. Thank you 🙂
      It’s going to be an interesting winter I think.

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