Medusa and Black Beauty… And George(tte)


I decided to transplant the medusa’s into one planter. Sometimes I love this and other times I wish I has kept them in individual pots. Alas here’s the big planter of them. Smallest on the left and a nice bush on the right. There’s two other pots that I do plan on giving away, they are just so straggly I haven’t been able to bring myself to “gift” them.
Still no colour changes…. Boo. They will surely be an interesting bonsai!
The eggplant GT gave me is Black Beauty, I’m excited about this after getting a recipe off of Seeds Alliance Group, such wonderful people on this forum. I have noticed my plants are no where near as dark as others in the garden. I understand the variety will be different. I have never tried eggplant before so this is a first. Since I’m growing it I will try it and plan on growing something I haven’t tried next season at the plot and give it a try. Expand my tastes somehow and I know how it’s been grown and cared for.
I hope to set up a compost pile of some sort at home come spring. I do think a couple neighbors would contribute. Speaking of neighbors, I recently found out the local Animal Shelter accepts pop cans as donations and they greatly help the costs on vet bills, so I’ve decided I will convert my garbage can that’s not used, into a pop can collector for everyone and I will take them to Animal Aide once the container is full. I may not have money but I sure can find other ways to help. GT saved a lil baby squirrel from certain death. He came across three of them on the side walk on his morning walk and only one had survived the fall out. He said she just clung to his hand for warmth once he picked her up. Brought her home and contacted his vet tech sister who knew exactly who to contact, a wildlife rehabilitation lady. Once George(tte) arrived she ate three syringes of what’s basically pedi lite which is amazing and also snuggled in with four other baby squirrels. We got talking about the situation, babies on sidewalk, and how many other people could have possibly walked by and turned their head instead of looking for signs of life. GT did such a wonderful thing, and as much as I hate squirrels (when they destroy by container garden) this was adorable and from the photo you can see she’s so calm & comfy in his hand that she must have been able to tell he was there to save her. A good heart shines out your ass. He had named her George, thinking she was a boy until his sister sent an update text on how she was doing, hence my adding of (tte) to the end, just to feminize it a little. It’s a wonderful thing to do, help a soul and expect nothing at all in return. I call it selfish, only because no good deed is selfless – you will always feel good knowing you have helped someone. I pick up trash knowing it will return but I enjoy the day or so of cleanliness and it brings a smile. I know when others see me on the side of the road picking up trash, that they could think twice about that timmies cup hurtling through the air instead of into a trash can. Maybe I will provoke a child to ask or follow suit by not littering. Last time I went out to clean up my section of town, an old man had beat me to the big stuff so I got all the little stuff and sorted anything I could recycle (cans for cats!) like I’ve mentioned, I may not have any money, but I have a huge heart and want to leave a mark of beauty on the world around me.
Blessed be everyone,
Happy gardening!
Please pay it forward, the world can be so beautiful and so dark, you may just give someone that little light to keep going, or motivate them to go farther.
Let your light shine ♥


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