Beautiful Family Weekend


Just Wow.

This past weekend was just absolutely wonderful. Saw family. The twins turned 18, two kids birthdays of 2 & 6, and an old friend’s birthday.. just shy of 30 I believe.

The weather was beautiful. Company was beautiful. I just can’t get over how great it was. I’ve got strawberry plants for lil nephew, I was going to give them to him this year but fear his mother may kill them over the winter so I will take care of all that and build a little vertical planter for him to be able to easily watch the growth. He got an adorable ducky watering can and he is fine with dirt so all set for some berries next year.
I’ve got some nice photos to print off a frame around the house now. I’ve bad plans for some creative collages for my loved ones. I won $25 worth of vinyl so I asked for a George Jung quote. Once that’s done I’ll get a huge piece of glass and get creative. I’m so excited for Thanksgiving now with family.


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