Organic Lemon Sprouts

Very excited about this!

The lemons have sprouted!!! There’s nine in the one pot and one in another. I used more than one lemon to sprout seeds from so there should be make and female trees. It will take seven years to find out but it’s still exciting.

Lemon Sprouts
After reviving the one money tree I thought was doomed, I’m very interested in this bonsai art. Looked this morning and there’s two more sprouts in another pot. I had looked up how to sprout seeds on Growing Wild. But all I did was juice the lemons for whatever, mostly salads and lemon water, and then planted the seeds, not letting them dry out. Waited quiet some time and then finally some life!!
GT had passed a stack of garden pots a few days ago and all it took was mentioning it to me and we were loading up my tiny lil gem of a car. Estimating 400 pots we got for free.
I was just over at GT’s and his lemon tree looks great, not to brag but mine is doing better, I transplanted it into a larger black pot a few weeks ago and also spray it with neem oil. GT’s tree is still in its red cup and roots aren’t coming out the bottom, possible that the holes aren’t big enough… Maybe he twisted when poking the hole into the cup I ended up getting…. but his plant doesn’t have thorns and isn’t so green. The transplant must have done the trick, I don’t recall putting any willow tea on it and I don’t have any organic fertilizer to use yet. Neem oil is great stuff, helps the leaves breathe, and I need more. That bottle lasted a season and a half but know that I have so many more plants, I don’t think a bottle will last a season now. The most recent store I was at was selling it for $15.99…. Yowzers! I’m going to need to sell some shawls to keep this gardening up but a bonsai lemon tree is worth it. I will check out the other local garden stores for a better price. Home hardware isn’t carrying it right now.
So since my tree has thorns a s his doesn’t, I tried to look up if that was an indication of its gender. It doesn’t seem to be but trees can be female, male, or both. This forum gets more in depth.
It’s going to be interesting to grow.


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