Labor Day Weekend

The long weekend started out slow for Hubs and I, not that we don’t mind a quiet weekend, I had hoped for a little fun and then I get a phone call…
An old friend bought a boat and wanted to take it out on the lake for the first time. This is the biggest boat I’ve been on, aside from Georgian Bay’s Thousand Island Tour ferry, so for me it was an absolute blast! The men caught a few small fish. While an old friend and I chatted away. After he drove around a bit, the boat has some kinks to be worked out, for the cost of it though, it is well worth it! I am totally jealous of his boat now.
I love my lil boat but wow! This was so much fun even though the water was rough with a few white caps. I know enough about launching and loading a boat that I feel quiet confident to do it myself, we watch others and I end up being right on where they had gone wrong, when the boat is in the smaller size range. Those huge sport boats, those are just beautiful! And the rumble of the engine…mmmmmmm…. The gear head in me comes right out. Love when an engine can rattle the ribs. The launch we went to, Greg is the owner, GT spoke of how well he ran his business and was a great guy and we finally used his launch since we were unsure of how well our truck would pull this big boat out of the water. The launch itself was in very good condition and Greg was extremely reassuring while not being overbearing or rude, and was an amazing help. The tongue of the boat needs to be updated and we weren’t totally positive how it hooked up, just a matter of over or under a spot really, but it can make all the difference. He explained to modify the pulley cable so it doesn’t bind and such. He was very helpful and the same price as the rest of the docks. He also has a tractor to help get boats back onto their trailers.
As you can probably tell, I was impressed. A golf cart ride to and from the truck and dock really speeds things up as well. He likes a smooth running launch and is extremely busy.
Anyways, it really made the weekend.
Aside from the boating adventure, I got romaine lettuce and spinach planted at the plot, the one gourd has touched ground now, carrots are starting to “pop”, basil has begun to seed, jalapeƱo peppers are appearing, tomatoes are changing colour as well as the leaves on some trees.
Autumn is slowly creeping upon us in southern ontario. I have a hunch this winter I will be ice fishing! It’s going to be a cold winter. I keep telling my sister and dad to prepare for a good snowstorm and to be snowed in for a few days. Always be prepared. I’m making a list of stuff they should just have on hand for emergencies, flour, sugar, yeast, roasts, and the like. My brother is past 6 ft tall… Probably pushing 7ft and is a bottomless pit, understandably so! I miss them so much already. It’s amazing how a single visit can bring forward so many emotions and memories. They will always be “the kids” to me even though they have grown into such wonderful adults. They grew up too fast. A few weeks ago I had visited my old neighbor, to sit around their table was very surreal. So many memories there. Always had a Xmas eve party that I dearly miss now and am going to try to recreate.

For such a slow start to the long weekend, I feel incredibly happy with it.
This evening I got to “help” Hubs unload a couple trucks after hours at work. He loves overtime and the drivers are personable. It is nice to be able to keep up with their conversation and understand what is going on from my part time work with the office and loading liquid trucks. Drivers always have something interesting to talk about, wether it be about their job or the most recent news, tonight being 4 … African Americans… Hijacking a couple and raping the both of them over the course of 4 days in the states. Just horrific. I hadn’t seen it in my news feed most likely because an eleven year old had killed a six year old out west… Yes I said ELEVEN! Mind. Blown. But then again eight year olds are molesting their 3 year old step sibling… This world is becoming very sick and twisted! I can’t even fathom how either instance could possibly come to being. Sadly I think technology and lack of parenting and discipline is the cause. Kids are “maturing” much, much too quickly and are being robbed of their childhood and innocence.
I can’t bring myself to read the article on the child killing another. Just too much for me.
Anyways that’s my rant for the evening, I hope to have a photo update shortly! In the meantime, I post regularly on my fb page, link in on the side. And Flickr always gets photo updates link is also on the side, please check them out, and comment.
Feedback is always very appreciated!
Blessed be everyone


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