The mornings are dark.

The nights are cool.

Frost covers the grass.

Leaves are changing; floating to the ground.

It’s Autumn.

September in the Bay

  Yes, it’s not “officially” autumn by the calender. I have had to bring plants inside, pack things up outside and start the winter prep.  I am getting a little ahead of myself, mainly because winter is going to be winter.  Everyone’s talking about the weather changes this past summer.  It was cooler. Winter last year was a joke really.  Ice fishing was a trip or two, that I didn’t go knowing the ice was so thin and T is insane now that he has this “life saving” suit, that I still don’t fully understand how it works, being that after I hear it doesn’t keep you dry, I wonder the point and envision the only use, making the body bright enough to be found.

  This year I think ice fishing will be good. Word at the docks was of salmon being caught and large trout in Lake Erie.  I’ve seen the biggest perch of my life this year as well, along with a huge sheephead.

  The days are getting darker sooner and for longer.  Hubs asked me the other day when the time change was because it’s messing with his sleep.  Not until November hunny, a few more weeks still to adjust.  Getting a proper light for the apartment will help I’m sure.  I just haven’t seen the light at the stores I’ve remember to look for them in.

   The past week I was with family. Oh the insanity of the madhouse. Hahahahaha Yes it’s an exaggeration. Have always referred to family home as the mad house or the farm. It’s always bustling with people and excitement.   I had fun with everyone and really enjoyed getting quality time with each person.  Really does take a week to do that with everyone.  Late nights, I don’t normally stay up that late, usually can’t keep my eyes open that long but when there’s a jam session and the guitars and table drums are out, the singing begins.  I love it. Nephew slept right through it and would wake up “Drums! Drums!” and find Popa’s stash of sticks.  Gurdy was a sight to see, she’s now about 8 or maybe 9, and is salt n peppa.

Rub her face and she snores

Moth that looks like burned edges of paper
Drive from North Bay to Rutherglen
Love this hill, see the little red roof in the distance??
The yard
Needs to be cropped but the program is updating.
Lots of dramatic clouds and weather.

I was amazed at how good my little car took the trip.  Very VERY cheap on gas.. I will be travelling much farther now.

It it nice to be home again and with the boys.  They missed me as did Hubs.  Now to get my chores caught up and grocery picked up!

A garden update will come shortly, just a matter of uploading and labeling photos and I do plan on a way to update on each plant’s growth throughout the year, possible a page for each?

Blessed Be everyone


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  1. pincushionsandreflections says:

    Dramatic weather is an understatement so far!

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