Indoor Gardening and Photos

   Indoor Gardening.
   This really is my first year of it.
   I’ve kept plants in doors one way or another throughout my life.
   During one chapter of life, I was able to keep a zebra plant in bloom. I now have an old book around here that says they are hard for advanced gardeners to grow and bloom.
   Ooooooh aloe.
   Kill it every time.
   Probably because the times I had it, I didn’t have other plants to fuss over. Dad, he’s got grandma’s aloe plant, which is tiny, but alive with no soil, in a kitchen cup by the sink. Waters when realizes it’s dry and he’s washing dishes.. she’s been gone for a few years now and this plant is still alive. Now I have aloe. Seven plants I believe. Water them? Oh hell no. Forget about them? Boog knocked one out of the window sill before the four were moved and watered. The burrow tail is also the same. I would love to upgrade the pot by one size, as I was told to do at the greenhouse. Find a size up pot around here? Hells no!
Looking for a photo of the Burrow Tail turned into a full blown photo upload and organization black hole of time. That resulted in over 1,000 deleted from my hard drive and safely stored online.  My problem is I have things store multiple times and have lost track and organization of it all and it certainly got out of hand. 25 videos to upload. After I somehow manage to get all this done, I vow to never let it get this bad again.  Bare minimum photos uploaded and into sets.  Tagging and descriptions can always be done later. I started my Flickr account off pretty good. Just now a matter of being sure everything from that year is tagged and titled.
I decided on two main ways to organize the garden photos.  Garden Photos and Container Garden.  I think this will help me keep straight where to look for what type of photos. Once I get these two sets organized a little more, they will become public.  As for now, I have joined Flickr Groups which really are amazing.  The photo organizing has expanded to music organization as well.. a whole 4 GB of music that also needs to be organized and re-added to iTunes.
What a job I have created for myself! 

   Anyways, Once I make my way over to the plant room for a good photo and get that uploaded since now there is a queue that has to be dealt with first. A good photo update is over-due!


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