This morning I decided to look at my photo stats on Flickr. This was a HUGE surprise. 288 views so far today. 288!!! TODAY. I have always suspected that there is a flaw in the privacy of Flickr’s photos. But this just tops it. There are no tags, titles, editing or adding to groups. Friends and Family. So strange.
I am not complaining though it may sound like I am. When I came across these plants growing, I had tried for several minutes to get the “perfect” shot, but never got it. Something about it just wasn’t coming through on the camera. Two hundred views is a little impressive. Not a single like. Or Comment. So I titled it, tagged it, and added it to a group. See if I can get some “real” views now. Now to see what comes of it.
Back to photo uploading and editing! 11+ GIGS gone through, now onto last year’s dics…
Blessed Be Everyone


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