Another Month has Gone By..

Feel like I keep saying how quickly time passes by. It really does even though its a unit of measure that is constant, how it feels it passes is entirely up to the person in question. The past few years feel like they’ve escaped me.
Just over the past few days, Hub’s and I have been outdoors quiet a bit.  Fishing hasn’t been lucky if you were to ask him, being that he’s looking for a trout or salmon, but there’s always something little that’s after the bait.

Haven’t seen many Monarch this year
where there’s one.. usually there’s another..
One of the biggest spiders I’ve seen in the shed.
Hubs took care of it 🙂
This duck sawm up and decided to sit at Hub’s feet for a while.
I think he was waiting for an easy minnow but we didn’t have any.
Watched an older man teach a younger man to raise the sails.
Thought they were going to collide with the pier a few times.
On a walk through Spring water area, downstream a little more.


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