The dream.

Recently I’ve had some small chats about spirituality.
It makes me feel insane to be honest.
So I figured I would just share my experience and journey to how I found my path.
Anyone already rolling their eyes, please move on to the next blog to read.

As a child, I always had this re-occurring dream.
It never started off the same.
Sometimes it started off in black and white, actually I think it was in black and white until one of the last times it happened, the beginning was in colour and even though it was years ago since I’ve had this dream, I remember it as if I could draw it out to be a film.
The colour beginning, has a red barn and I was playing tennis (my assumption is I had been playing tennis with my best friend around the time) I was being competitive but cannot remember if I had only started to set up the match or what, I remember the barn is red and I went into it, everything is normal, hay everywhere, tractor and tools. I go out of the barn and the dream really begins.
To sum it up in a nutshell, my dream is the Salem burning.
I’m running around my very small town, which is log houses with very little convenience, olden times. I go to my friends house at the one end of town and am seeing women, everyone in town, being tied to posts and fires being lit.
People screaming, some laughing at how idiotic it all is, I’m just in awe at what’s going on, then it kicks in, the cave.
Go to the cave, everyone is there.
So I run across town and go over the bridge and feel that the cave is in the woods there.

Suddenly, the bridge isn’t only a bridge it’s also a damn and there’s this cat trying to get away from the waters that are rising terribly fast.

I have to help this animal.

I’m running down the stairs to help and the water is coming up just as fast as I am going.

I get to the cat and in my mind I’m thinking of my loved ones waiting at the cave and we’ll all be safe there..

a couple more steps..

reach out to the cat…

I wake up.

      This dream happened a minimum of once a month if not once a week.
Once I woke up and was starring at the ceiling. Felt as though I could touch the ceiling with my nose I was that close to it. After some am I awake blinking and toe wiggling, I shut my eyes really tight and opened them, back on my bed again, able to completely move.

I cannot remember if the cat is black or white.
I want to say white because it always struck me as odd as to why I so desperately need to save this cat. My oma’s cat was white and we took care of it in the end, and she HATED me.  I didn’t like her either. Both my cats now are black.  So naturally I think the cat should be black.  I do know it was one or the other, not a tabby, no spots or stripes.  

However, in grade nine there was a project to do, for whichever class and I chose the Salem Witch Trials.  In the end, I looked up Paganism and Wicca.  The dream stopped. I felt some new peace inside me.
 I started to read and write and learn.
I started to meditate.
It really helped me deal with the abuse of home life.  Being able to meditate and not have all those negative thoughts and words inside my head made such a difference.  It never stopped the abuse but I was able to stand up taller to it. 

It gave me something more. 


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