The Pixie

I got this vine and thought I had killed is as soon as I brought it home. Seeing growth was difficult as it seemed to loose leaves faster than regrow them, if if did regrow any.  I didn’t replant it for a couple of weeks after getting it thinking that the pot was fine.  It only got a small upgrade but still an upgrade and then it just.. wilted.  I thought I could save some clippings of it and start them in some willow root water but alas.. they just turned brown.  I didn’t do anything to the roots, just kept filling the globe up with water to keep anything potentially alive, alive. Now there’s some growth!
I got one cutting from the other grape vine to root.  I wish I had labeled which was which but I am still happy with this.  I have another green or purple grape vine (names are just not coming to me right now)

Some fine roots right there!

Roses are looking poorly but there is a lot of new growth!

Seedlings and cuttings are all doing well.
Boog munching some chives hiding behind the lemon balm and stevia
Monstera Plant

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