Busy Busy

I’ve kept pretty busy lately. Been knitting for the nephew, I must admit his hat is pretty cool!! The original hat wasn’t what his momma was looking for, she wanted something to cover his forehead more so I whipped this up rather quickly taking the stitch pattern from one style and using it with the ear flap hat style. It turned out a little bigger from the stitch change but he will grow into it. Had to make some mittens to match of course! I will have to get a photo tonight when I get the mittens over to him.
I also made an extremely simple neck warmer from the roving yarn that was meant for mittens but ultimately too thick… The hunt for buttons turned into the purchase of a saw and a walk in the woods for some branches. I am working on sanding a batch of big buttons and soaking them in mineral oil. Maybe Santa will be creative this Christmas and bring me a good drill and some glass bits, mini sanding disk and screwdriver set. Hubs already told me to save up a little longer for the Dewalt cordless drill… Which is the only way to go in my books. Another project with a *Photo coming soon* loose end with it.
What got me tied up was the need for buttons. Dino cowl needs buttons, the neck warmer needs buttons … I just need buttons. But I live in a small “city” therefore everything that has what I need.. is ridiculously priced. So what’s my solution?
A saw.
Two feet.
A heartbeat.
I went for a walk with my new saw and found some branches I hope will suffice. Hubs is bringing home some mineral oil tonight and I will soak them and then get at sanding them nice and smooth.

Just cut & sanded once over.  Coated in coconut oil to get the idea of how they will look sealed.

I’ve been catching up on my photo organization getting ready to print off photo albums. Hopefully I’ll get to loading the photos from the fishing trip a couple weekends ago! I had a blast and maybe hip waiters are on the xmas wish list instead!


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